Cinema e TV


The wealth of so many locations makes Emilia Romagna a jewel for cinema, advertising, events and weddings.
It is a true cross-section of natural set.

Not only beaches full of people and columns of umbrellas, but also beaches in natural reserves, with their wild and uncontaminated fascination.
Medieval villages nestled within ancient walls with castles, piazzas, churches not changed time, all to create an unforgettable atmosphere.
Reinassance towns which conserve symbols and monuments: a heritage of immense beauty.

Inland countryside with so many suggestive and diverse forms rich with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes and marvellous unspoilt parks. Spaces recreated by the pens of expert architects creating cool and sublime places.
Fascinating villas in every style and epoch, modern and elegant attics with state of the art furnishings, loft and apartments, old factories, imposing and historic marine holiday camps and a host of other non conventional spaces ready to adapt for every requirement.
Total commitment in undertaking personalised research based on the client’s mandate.
Contracts or Leases for locations, and prompt execution of all necessary paperwork.

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