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Ethnic Wedding

It is commonplace to find couples from different Ethnic Origins, and different Religions from all corners of the World who decide to get married in Italy. For this reason I thought about creating a team of Mother-tongue experts to organise Ethnic Weddings with the utmost respect for TRADITIONS upheld in the original country of the Bride and Groom.
The ceremony may be Civil or Religious, but with the greatest attention paid to the necessary paperwork,
the locations be they simple or Grand, decorated with great care to recreate the Atmosphere which the Bride and Groom had always dreamt of for their special day. Personalised Menus, Original Music, Colours, Lights and Perfumes will transport the newly married couple and their guests in a magical atmosphere of distant lands with a mix of Happiness and unforgettable emotions!

It will be a unique choice also for Italian Brides and Grooms who want to surprise their guests or simply offer an original menu.